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Purchasing A Shower | Showerhead | Power Showers

A Guide To Buying A Shower

The electric shower heats cold mains pressure water from your boiler and delivers it to the shower mixer unit and then to the shower head. The mixer unit controls the temperature. A key advantage with this type of shower installation is that they are more economical than other shower types as you only heat the water you use. Some showers come with Over Temperature Protection (OTP), which offers a phased shut-down feature.

Mixer showers come in two distinct types. The first is manual, which encompasses the majority of mixer showers available and these mix the hot and cold water to a temperature of your choice. This then flows through a connecting valve, and is heated by your boiler.

A lot of mixer showers are thermostatic, which use a valve to regulate the temperature of your water. As water usage elsewhere such as flushing a toilet or running a tap can alter the flow of hot and cold water the thermostat stabilises any sudden changes in water temperature.

Power showers are suitable for houses with low water pressure. They use a pump to increase the pressure of the water and mix both the hot and cold water, like a mixer shower, in order to give the temperature of choice. As you need separate hot and cold water sources for a power shower the combination boiler is not compatible. Power showers deliver an invigorating showering experience, but they use an average of 15L of water per minute, compared to 5L with an electric shower.

Shower Heads

Shower heads come in both fixed and adjustable models. Swivel models offer more flexibility, while fixed models are usually ceiling mounted. Some have rub-clean nozzles for hygiene and convenience while others offer multiple spraying modes, such as ‘massage’ and ‘scatter spray’. Generally, the larger the showerhead, the greater the pressure needed for it to work effectively and to deliver the type of shower the user expects. There is nothing more disappointing than to take a shower and find that the pressure is weak.

Hand-held showerheads are perfect if you’re cleaning, rinsing off small children or giving your pet a bath, whilst ceiling mounted showerheads are best for an encapsulating shower.

Shower Features

Digital Showers

Digital showers offer you the convenience of turning on your shower remotely, meaning you’ll never again have to wait in a cold bathroom. It requires a data transfer cable, which is embed into the wall or cavity and runs behind the tiles.

Precise Temp Control

Some showers allow the user to save a preferred temperature so that they do not have to mess around adjusting the temperature after other home users have altered it.

Smooth Glide Temperature Control

This offers a highly precise dial, more user-friendly than a fixed version.


Some showers are fitted with a diverter, which offers the ability to switch between the shower head and the taps. This works well if you have a fixed shower head but also want the versatility of a separate hand-held shower head.

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